Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Day

Today we had the most amazing weather. The sun shined brightly with a wonderful breeze. We went to visit some friends in Hillsborough. We eat lunch on their porch gazebo over looking their marvelous garden. Mary fixed a delicious lunch that ended with a mouth watering caramel apple pie. Richard showed off his airplane. He is assembling it piece by piece in his garage. It was so fascinating to see. Imagine, flying a plane you built with your own hands. Wow!!
Maybe we'll get to go for a ride someday.

Gary is back in the basement cleaning. We removed the carpet today to carry it off to a friend's trash bin. I've been shredding old financial papers so more bags of shredded paper were also sent to the bin. Why I thought I needed to keep every receipt back to 1984 I'll never know. But, I now have a new resolution. No paper will be kept unless it is a must for taxes!!!

4 1/2 more days...Jenn and Mark are coming over on Friday morning before we leave to get the washer and dryer. It is going to their house in Sampson county. Hopefully we'll be done and on the road before lunch on Friday.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Spent most of today packing and sorting the rest of our "stuff" in the house. Cleaned out the freezer so my brother can come pick it up. Our nephew came and picked up the house generator he bought. And our friend came by to see "his" tool box and plan how to get it home on Sunday. Gary just keeps adding tools and "things" to it. V had better take it home soon or he won't be able to move it, it'll weigh so much.
I went through all my stained glass supplies and managed to get everything in 2 very heavy totes. After Gary tried to pick them up, he said we needed to upgrade our truck. Glass is HEAVY!! But, I hate to leave any of it behind. I just don't know what I'll want to use over the next couple of months. I guess it'll work out. If the truck/travel trailer weighs to much once we get everything loaded, we can remove some of it I guess. :(
We went to dinner with Van and Rita to Bali Hi over on Broad St. Pretty good food. Really crowded with Duke students. But I did catch sight of 1 Carolina student(if his clothes were any indication). A couple of high-schoolers were in dressed to the nines enjoying their dinner before the prom. Very pretty. Afterward went over to Sam's Club and Circuit City to look at IPods. Gary is thinking about using one to listen to his HUGH music collection.
5 more days..(but who's counting). Good night. Deb

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Week

Boy, has this been a busy week. Tuesday I went with a friend who was having a mammogram. All is well for her with this. Also on Tuesday, Gary learned how to use a handicapped van. He used it today to pick a friend up from the hospital. Many of you know our friend had a stroke about 2 months ago. He is doing very well and came home from the Rehab center.

I went to my last Stained Glass class yesterday. I finished my last project, a Tiger bust that will travel with us mounted in the window of the travel trailer.
I will miss my instructor and the others in my classes. Hopefully I'll be able to remember everything I learned working with her.

The tow vehicle has "new shoes" today. Michelin 10 ply should really handle that travel trailer weight. Thanks to Douglas for his advice and help with this.
The trailer will get new tires next week.

Today we signed the contract to sale the house. We agreed on a price that was pretty close to the asking price. If all goes well, we're looking for closing to occur on May 25th. We'll be on the way to Florida with my parents that day. The lawyer and real estate agent will just send the money to the bank. Isn't technology grand?!!

Yipes!! It is really happening. We packed the truck and the jeep with more boxes for storage and a couple of chairs we're giving to my parents. We're going to deliver them tomorrow.
Gary will go by BLD to collect his last pay check and say one last good-bye.
1 week and counting. Kentucky here we come!! Love to all, Deb

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hi all. Thought I'd post a picture of our new home on wheels. This was taken when we went on our maiden voyage in January. Hard to believe we can live in this after having lived in a 2 story house for almost 20 years.
We did get an offer on the house this weekend, but it wasn't near what we want for it. So, we countered with a "slightly" lower price, answered a couple of questions the buyer had, and now we're in a wait and see mode. Keep your fingers crossed.
We went over to Chapel Hill today so Gary could see one of his docs. While we were there, I talked to the Associate Director of the department I hope to work for. Looks like the job offer should be coming in a few days. Yeah!!..that'll help pay the gas bills.
I'm posting more items on Craig's List today. Dining room suite, desk, Buddy Heater, and a car top carrier. The last of the big household items that need to sell. Have a great night..Deb

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Adventure Begins

Hi, We...Hawkeye(Gary) and CoderDeb(Deb)... have been busy preparing for our next lifestyle. The house is for sale. We purchased a "new to us" Nash 26J travel trailer and moved into it. The "old" pop-up sold yesterday. My Jeep is for sale. Gary's classic Chevy truck is for sale.
We've had the "garage sale" and given much of our stuff away. We still have a bit of sorting and packing to do before we leave on our first adventure. Our sincere thanks go to Van and Rita for all their help.
Gary retired for the second time on Friday. I made the decision to return to work part-time. Hopefully I'll be able to perform medical coding for a local hospital via the Internet while we travel throughout the USA.
This next week we're planning to have new tires put on both the Nash and the Tow Vehicle (GMC Sierra). Finish up with the packing/sorting. Deliver what we're keeping to storage. Be ready to leave for Kentucky the first week of May.
We're going to the Life On Wheels Conference in Bowling Greene. We're excited and really looking forward to meeting other full-time RV'ers there. We plan to keep everyone up to date with our adventures. Stay tuned.