Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

Recently we spent the day with my sister Teresa, her husband David, niece Amy and nephew Joey decorating their yard for Christmas. Mom, Dad,Jenn and Mark came too.
The Sheuring family gets into Christmas decorations in a BIG way. If you don't move fast you might have lights hung on you.
For the past few years they've created Christmas trees from PVC pipe, tobacco sticks or tomato cages and lights. I don't know how many trees they'll eventually have this year but it is at least 3-4 dozen I'm sure. All sizes from about 2' to over 12' tall. They also cover their home with lights. (note Joey on the roof)

Check out their website and if you're in Lillington from Thanksgiving until the New Year drive on by their home on Manor Hills Dr. They'd love for you to visit.


The Birds..Oh the Birds

We have been invaded. There is an extremely large swarm of birds in the neighborhood. They roast in the trees...poop on the deck and throw their peanut shells everywhere. And..they are quite vocal too. Anyone know how to encourage them to relocate?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun with Mom and Dad

This week has been busy for us. Gary has worked on Mom and Dad's "Gary Do" list and has also emptied all of our storage compartments. I've worked on removing and redistributing some of our indoor stuff. So far, we've removed over 75 pounds of "stuff" we aren't/don't use. Since we're close on our weight limits we need to streamline the house and truck so we can take all my stained glass supplies with us to Texas.
Our basement compartments are clean and empty now. Over the next week or so Gary will start putting back the things we're taking with us.
I've still got quite a few things to sort and re-pack inside. Right now the kitchen/living area is a mess.

We've spent time with Mom and Dad...1 doctor visit..1 hair appointment..several meals at our favorite local restaurants..2 trips to the Dunn Recreation Center to walk for exercise. Today Tim is down working on rebuilding their deck. This has been an ongoing project for several weeks. Gary and Dad are monitoring the work. :o)