Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is our Last week at Rustic Cove.

This is our last week at Rustic Cove. Gary worked his last day on Thursday. On Friday morning we did something we've wanted to do for months. We finally went kayaking. We arrived at Captain Ron's Watercraft Rental at about 11:00am.
They were ready for us with 2 new Redfish kayaks. We put on the life vests with whistles attached. Wearing our Rustic Cove hats and sunglasses we took off..or I should say paddled off. We did pretty good. I was very pleased with our adventure. We paddled around the bay, went under a bridge to the other bay and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. The birds were flying and fish were jumping. We stayed out about and hour and a half. Not too bad for a couple of out of shape old folks. If you're in the area and want to rent water craft we definitely recommend Captain Ron's. The staff was very helpful. They explained everything very well.

I had lunch with some other ladies at their restaurant, West of Key West on Tuesday and the food was excellent.

I'll have some pictures once I get the film developed from the disposable waterproof camera I took with us.

Last night we had dinner with our wonderful neighbors Bill and Nicki Sage. We've really enjoyed getting to know them and plan to stop by their home in California when we're in the area this summer.

Today we had lunch with Molly and Bob Piner. They are fellow Class 0f 07 Escapees. We went to the Big Fisherman restaurant and enjoyed renewing our friendship. They are heading home to Virgina. We hope to see them again next fall at the Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally. Molly has a great blog where she shares their travels.

Tomorrow and Monday we pack..on Tuesday we're moving to Medina Lake near San Antonio. We plan to stay there for about a week and see some of the sights in the area. Love to you all..Deb

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jenn and Mark come to Texas

Last Friday Jenn and Mark flew Continental to Texas. We were excited and happy they arrived safe and sound. The rain had also arrived along with them. It rained all day on Saturday and for some of Sunday too.

On Saturday we drove up to Goliad Texas. This small town was having their first for the year Market Day. Unfortunately the rain caused most of the vendors to head out early. We stopped at a small pizza restaurant for lunch. It was nice being together even though the trip was pretty much a washout. Gary worked on Sunday. Jenn and Mark went to the Maritime Museum in Rockport. We enjoyed a roast beef dinner when they got home to the cabin.

On Monday, we went to the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay. This WWI aircraft carrier has been dry docked in Corpus Cristi and is open for self guided tours. We got our exercise for the day as we climbed up and down stairs in the ship. It was pretty amazing and somewhat sobering to learn about this ship and it's many roles through out it's active lifetime.

To quote their website:
"Commissioned in 1943, LEXINGTON served longer and set more records than any carrier in U.S. Naval history. Decommissioned in 1991, the 910-foot, 16-deck, 33,000-ton aircraft carrier now serves as an important historical repository and museum. Because of the historical significance of the USS LEXINGTON, the ship is maintained as a tribute to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and as a memorial to the people who died serving the US, in the defense of freedom, especially in World War II. Displays, ceremonies, and other programs emphasize the heroism and sacrifice of those who have served the nation in the Navy and the Marine Corps."

On Tuesday we headed out bright and early to San Antonio. First stop was Denny's where we and everyone else in San A eat breakfast. CROWDED!!. Lots of folks around enjoying St Pat's Day and Spring Break. After fueling up, we went to the Riverwalk. We got tickets and took the boat ride down the river. Once again the tour guide was great. Shared interesting history of the river, the area and the buildings we saw. After lunch we went over to the Alamo. The rest of San Antonio (the one's not at Denny's) were there. With the St Pat's festivities and Spring Break there was a long line to go into the Alamo. So, we only toured the gardens and took a very quick trip through the gift shop. Jenn and Mark enjoyed a horse drawn carriage ride around the downtown area.

Scenes from the Riverwalk.

Wednesday was Mark's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK.

Mark spent the day doing exactly what he wanted. Vegging out..resting and watching TV. Jenn and I did a little bit of shopping (or looking as we didn't buy anything). Gary worked. We had a good dinner together.

On Thursday we went back to Corpus Cristi to the Texas Aquarium. We spent several hours touring around. We watched a couple of shows. One showcasing their birds and other exotic animals. The other was a dolphin show. Three dolphins and their trainers showed off there many tricks. The weather was perfect. Warm and breezy.

On Friday we went back up to Goliad. Goliad is one of the oldest municipalities in Texas. In 1749, the Spanish government transferred Mission Espiritu Santo and its royal protector, Presidio La Bahia, to the site of a small Aranama Indian village, which they named Santa Dorotea.
This mission served the Aranama, Tamique, and their allies for 110 years, longer than any other Spanish colonial mission in Texas.
A small villa grew up around the walls of the presidio, and was called La Bahia. This area was occupied by the Spanish until 1821, when Mexico won its independence from Spain. The name of the town was officially changed to Goliad in 1829.
Goliad is a phonetic anagram of Hidalgo, the name of the priest who became a hero during the Mexican Revolution. Mexican soldiers occupied Presidio La Bahia from 1821 to 1825.
The first great cattle ranch in Texas is said to have its beginnings at Mission Espiritu Santo. Along with its sister, Mission Nuestra Senora del Rosario, Mission Espiritu Santo possessed the largest longhorn herds in the state, at times owning more than 40,000 head.

We started our visit with lunch at the Empresario Restaurant. This very old building is located right on the square across from their beautiful courthouse.

After lunch we visited the Mission Espíritu Santo State Historic Site at Goliad State Park. We toured the beautiful reconstructed Franciscan Mission. It was the home of the largest ranching operation in Texas in the 18th century. We enjoyed the serenity of the Spanish colonial church and viewed exhibits that explore the history and daily life of the missionaries and Indian converts - including some of the original artifacts they used. The ranger on duty was very knowledgeable and seemed to love to share his knowledge.

Nearby was the Presidio La Bahia.
Presidio La Bahía is located one mile south of Goliad, Texas on U.S. Highway 183. Presidio La Bahia was established at this location in 1749. It has been owned by the Catholic Church since 1853 and is currently operated by the Catholic Diocese of Victoria, Texas. We viewed exhibits and imagined life at the fort. Originally built in 1749 to protect the Mission and the frontier, it later played a major role in the Texas Revolution. Here, Colonel Fannin and his ill-fated men were held prior to being executed at Santa Anna's order, an act of infamy later recalled at the Battle of San Jacinto with the cry, "Remember Goliad! Remember the Alamo!"
You can learn more about the site at

On our way back to Rustic Cove, we saw some longhorn cattle and stopped to take pictures.