Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alls Quiet in Rockport

The past few weeks have been pretty quiet. Working, eating, sleeping, walking Ellie and taking a few local sight seeing trips.
Last Monday Gary injured his back and has really been suffering with the pain. He spent most of the week moving from the bed, the couch or the floor. Lying flat was the only place he found any relief from the pain. This week has been some better. He went back to work on Monday, spending most of his time there sitting on a stool or lying on the floor. At least he was able to do some work while there. He is still experiencing a lot of pain but it is definitely better. Hopefully time and rest will heal him soon.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Rockport Maritime Museum. This small museum displays everything re: boats from a knots exhibit to retired coast guard life boats. Fishing (pleasure and commercial), off shore drilling, sunken ships and treasure are just some of the exhibits. We enjoyed a couple of hours learning about boating on the Coastal Bend. We battled the wind to walk around the outside of the building. This gave good views overlooking the bay and harbor.

Saturday night we had another pot luck supper for Valentine's Day. We went and Gary managed pretty good. We took over one of our chairs and a pillow and stayed for a couple of hours. Long enough to enjoy our steak dinner. We've met some very nice folk here. Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Arkansas and Texas. Most are "snow birds". They still have a stick and brick house back in the cold weather areas. I don't believe there is another Winter Texan from North Carolina in town. At least we haven't found any yet.

I've been working in my tent stained glass shop. I took a few classes with an artist in Corpus Cristi to remind myself of all of the steps. It went pretty well and now I'm back on my own. I finished a small panel with a sailboat during the classes. I finished a small fan panel that can be used as a night light here at home. Now I'm working on a 15"x15" panel of an Iris. I'm also working on a small cardinal sun catcher for my Mom. She loves birds and collects figurines and other "bird" memorabilia. It's going pretty well. I've only cut myself (tiny nicks) a couple of times. I should be able to finish all of these before we leave Rockport next month.