Wednesday, October 29, 2008

North Carolina is still HOME!!!

Gary loves his new look. I love that it's removable!!!

After visiting with Mike and Cherie, we met up with Van, Rita and Daniel. On Saturday and Sunday we spent time shopping (mostly looking) at the Flea Market and outlet stores in the Pigeon Forge area. We also ate some good food at Duff's Famous Smorgasbord. We had dinner there one night and then breakfast the next day. Excellent service and very tasty food at a pretty reasonable price for this tourist area.

On Monday we moved back into North Carolina. We've been out of the state 148 days. Traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people is great, but it sure is good to be back in the Tarheel state.

After a stop at the Western Caroina Farmers Market near Asheville we moved on into Lenoir. Van and Rita had dropped their pop-up camper off at Green Mountain RV Resort on their way up to Pigeon Forge. Laverne and Ken had moved into the Resort on Sunday and were waiting for us when we pulled in. We all stayed there together for the next week. We spent time just talking, eating some good food, riding, looking at the beautiful scenery, and shopping. Nothing too exciting but it was good to just be back with long time friends. We had a couple of rainy and foggy days but it didn't really stop us from enjoying our time together. Ellie and Koji made friends with the campground kitty cats.

On Sunday the 12th we moved on into Durham. We're here at Rita's Mom and Dad's home until this coming Sunday. For the past 2 1/2 weeks, we've gone to several doctor appointments, a vet appointment for Miss Ellie and on Monday went to the Dentist for the first time in almost 18 months. My teeth are so clean and shiny!!!

We had dinner the 17th with Doug, Sherry and all of the family. The Village Diner in Hillsborough is still going strong serving our favorite food just full of salt, sugar and grease. I can hear my arteries hardening now. But is sure tasted good.

On Saturday the 18th we went up to Mebane and had a birthday dinner at my brother Chuck and his wife Kyra's home. Most of my family was there to celebrate Chuck and my birthday. It was good to hug all of my family. I've sure missed them. We had a very tasty dinner of spaghetti,chicken parmesan, salad and garlic bread. The dessert table was groaning. I can't believe I eat the whole thing!!! OK..maybe not..just my share :o)

We went to Oxford to see Al and Betsy. They are doing fine. Busy with work and school. Al is enjoying his new buggy. It allows him to get around town during the day while he works at the Oxford Ledger newspaper. Betsy is teaching school and taking classes at UNC Central. They have a lively puppy named Emma. She is full of life and is a great additional to their home. Ellie and her had a great time playing together. Emma ran rings around her and the house.

On Sunday we had lunch with Mike, Candace, Pete and his girlfriend Kelly. Candace baked an excellent lasagna and Kelly prepared a tasty salad. We visited with them all afternoon and sure did enjoy it.

Afterward, we went to Raleigh and had a pizza dinner with Robin, Steve,Crystal, Justin and their new baby Lilah Mae. It was wonderful to see how happy and proud the new parents and grandparents are. Lilah Mae is beautiful. She is healthy, eating well and sleeping through the night. How delightful it was to visit with them.

Yesterday we went to Dunn and had lunch with Jennifer and my Mom and Dad. Afterward we went over to Newton Grove and voted. more political ads on our TV please. We're done!!

Today Rita and I spent the day at our favorite shopping center Briar Creek just looking around. I found a pair of carpi pants for $5.00. Don't you just love a bargain?? We had lunch at Panera's so I could enjoy some of their broccoli/cheese soup.

While we've been here, Gary has made some needed repairs to a few things. Van and his brother Leroy provided equipment and assistance so Gary could weld our broken step back together. It's been broken for a couple of months but we didn't have a welder handy. He found the last tire we needed to finish updating our house tires and has put it on. He also worked on the Odom's ice machine and repaired Van's riding lawn mower. He's been busy. Today he took a break and had lunch with a friend Quan. They went to Randy's pizza out in RTP.

Gary and I recently decided the name for our RV'ing Adventure should be changed. From now will be called...Deb and Gary Eating Their Way Across the USA.
Neither one of us had lost a bit of weight, as we'd like to. We just enjoy trying out new foods so much it is hard to stick with a weight lose diet.

I hope you are all doing well. If you don't hear from us during our visit..please give us a call. We're trying to catch up with everyone...

Love to you all. Deb

Visiting with Mike and Cherie

Since we left Michigan we've traveled down to Pigeon Forge Tennessee where we visited with my friend Cherie and her husband Mike.
Cherie and I worked together at UNC for years before she retired and went to work for that hospital down the road. You know..the one that wears dark blue. :( ..anyway she and her wonderful husband Mike built a home in Wears Vally near Pigeon Forge. On my birthday, they treated us to dinner at Red Lobster and to the Comedy show. We enjoyed the evening very much. On Saturday we had breakfast together at the Old Mill Restaurant. They serve a delicious breakfast. Lots of biscuits and gravy. Yum..yum...
Thanks Cherie and Mike for being such awesome hosts!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Michigan Visit

We spent a great week with Gary and Suzanne. After our bike ride on Monday, we spent the rest of the week "playing tourists" with them. We went to Frankenmuth, a small Bavarian town with many shops, a beautiful hotel and several restaurants famous for their chicken dinners.

Bronners Christmas shop is also located nearby. This Christmas store boasts they are the largest in the US and I believe it. If you want it for your decorations they have it. Quite a sight to see.

We had lunch at the Bavarian Inn. Their chicken dinner was pretty good (but not as good as Bojangles) :)
We walked around the many shops and looked at all the pretty stuff. Don't you just love Gary and Gary's hats??

At Noon we watched the Bavarian Inn Glockenspiel play several selections which were immediately followed by figurine movement depicting the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln. The original German word "glockenspiel" is literally translated into English as "bells play"; another translation might be "musical bells". In German usage it may be applied to any carillon-sized or chime-sized tower bell instrument which plays music. The Bavarian Inn Glockenspiel Tower houses a magnificent 35-bell carillon, a beautiful figurine movement and an illuminated clock, all imported from Germany! Before striking the hour, and on each quarter hour, the clock sounds the 5-bell Westminster chime.

Another day we went up to Lake Michigan near Ludington. Our first stop was at the Little Sable Lighthouse. This is one of many lighthouses still in operation on Lake Michigan. We were fortunate that we arrived on the last day we could climb the stairs to the top. It was closing for the season. Only about 120 steps but very steep. Near the top we had to climb through 2 metal hatches to reach the platform. The view was very pretty looking out over Lake Michigan.